common room is structured to promote a dialogue that explores the contingent relationship of workplace to community. making and meaning in the current cultural environment requires a response to existing institutional and organization structures, identifying differences and engaging architecture as an open ongoing process.

how to not finish a space, 2023, ghent, be
negotiating ungers. the construction of communities, 2023, saint-étienne, fr
schmitz built, 2022, brussels, be
heulebrug, 2022, competition, knokke, be
disquietude, 2022, lisbon, pt
negotiating ungers. the materiality of the social, 2021, brussels, be
cltb anvers, 2020, competition, brussels, be
canada three, 2020, new york, us
wendy’s subway reading room, 2020, new york, us
shanzhai lyric, the incomplete poem, 2019, new york, us
negotiating ungers. the aesthetics of sustainability, 2019, brussels, be
mt tobias, 2018, mt tremper, us
ruimte, 2017, ghent, be
schmitz, 2017, brussels, be
szzm pavilion, 2017, enkhuizen, nl
szzm exhibition, 2017, enkhuizen, nl
public, private, secret, 2016, new york, us
icp (international center of photography), 2016, new york, us
castii, 2016, competition, brussels, be
biz, 2016, competition, berlin, de
black market, 2016, brussels, be
untitled (after tigerman), 2015, competition, chicago, us
miguel abreu gallery, 2014, new york, us
the public school for architecture brussels, 2014, brussels, be
nada (new art dealers alliance), 2013–2014, spatial identity, new york/miami, us
nada (new art dealers alliance), 2013, graphic identity, new york/miami, us
made by us, 2013, shenzhen, cn
canada ii, 2013, new york, us
the end(s) of the library, 2012–2013, new york, us
art berlin contemporary, 2012, berlin, de
anspachpark, 2012, competition, brussels, be
yale union (yu), 2012, portland, us
nada (new art dealers alliance), 2012, spatial identity, new york, us
nada (new art dealers alliance), 2012, graphic identity, new york, us
living as form, 2011, new york, us
altschul atrium, 2011, new york, us
the otto session, 2010, new york, us
neubau volksschule mariagrün, 2010, competition, graz, at
ring, ongoing, various locations
4×4×4, 2010, pasaje, ec
177 livingston, 2010, brooklyn, us
01-11-10, 2010, new york, us
communist guide to new york city (barnard college, columbia university), 2009, new york, us
the public school (for architecture) new york, 2009, new york, us
artists space, 2009, new york, us
statens naturhistoriske museum, 2009, competition, copenhagen, dk
untitled (the reservoir), 2009, brooklyn, us
cultural center baron’s quay, 2009, competition, northwich, uk
goethe-institut wyoming building, 2008, new york, us
park(ing) day, 2008, new york, us
new practices new york | 2008, 2008, new york, us
new york foundation for the arts, 2008, brooklyn, us
canada, 2007, new york, us