usa: 465 grand street, 4c, new york, ny 10002
+1 212 358 8605, email

belgium: aalststraat 7–11/a3.1 | rue d’alost 7–11/a3.1, 1000 brussels
+32 2 880 82 56, email

is an architectural practice with a publishing imprint, and an exhibition space. it is collaborative platform based in new york city and brussels. common room is comprised of architects lars fischer, todd rouhe and maria ibañez, and graphic designer geoff han.

some projects include:

1 nada  (new  art  dealers  alliance) fp 2 miguel  abreu  gallery  fp 3 fp canada  ii 4 fp yale  union  (yu)
5 fp public school for architecture brussels 6 fp the ends of the library 7 fp arts  for  living 8 fp nada (new art dealers alliance)

1 – entrance desk and sign (rear view), nada new york 2014. (image credit: amy barkow)


jul 28, 2014, ‘the garden monument’, a new take on the stations naturhistoriske museum competition entry is featured in the publication urban blur.

jun 27, 2014, common room is leading the workshop archiving the impossible happening in the studio for immediate spaces at the sandberg institute.

apr 15, 2014, a new framework for an architecture of coexistence co-written with kim förster is published in project issue three.

apr 2, 2014, common room launches the public school for architecture brussels at brussels congres.

sep 29, 2013, common room and pieterjan ginckels install technologies of togetherness at dordtyart.

sep 10, 2013, arts for living by common books is included in the september 2013 list of notable design books in designers & books.

sep 8, 2013, canada‘s new space designed by common room opens sep 13.

sep 5, 2013, common books forthcoming publication the architects’ resistance is cited in architect august 2013 issue.

may 13, 2013, architecture of refusal is published in pidgin 15.

may 11, 2013, common room holds a monologue at architecture and money at storefront for art and architecture. may 11, 2013.

apr 22, 2013, arts for living the second book in the common books series is now available.

oct 28, 2012, the end(s) of the library designed by common room and geoff han opens tues oct 30, 2012 at the goethe-institut new york library. oct 30, 2012–jun 31, 2013.

oct 17, 2012, provisional practices–in conversation with common room is published in oase 88: exhibitions–showing and producing architecture.

sep 29, 2012, common room and geoff han coordinated a student workshop at the werkplaats typografie for the new york art book fair 2012. sep 28–sep 30, 2012.

sep 12, 2012, common room is participating in the “bazaar” at abc–art contemporary berlin. sep 13–sep 16, 2012.

jun 16, 2012, an architecture designed by common room opens at yale union.

may 28, 2012, common room is leading a workshop and giving a lecture at mikser festival 2012.

may 4, 2012, nada new york designed by common room & francesca grassi/geoff han. may 4–may 7, 2012.

mar 26, 2012, common room is architect in residence at university gent during jokerweek 2012.



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