usa: 465 grand street, 4c, new york, ny 10002
+1 917 916 1617, email

belgium: aalststraat 7–11/a3.1 | rue d’alost 7–11/a3.1, 1000 brussels
+32 2 880 82 56, email

is an architectural practice with a publishing imprint, and an exhibition space. it is collaborative platform based in new york city and brussels. common room is comprised of architects lars fischer, maria ibañez and todd rouhe; rachel himmelfarb; architectural researcher kim förster; and graphic designer geoff han.

some projects include:

1 mt tobias fp 2 szzm pavilion fp 3 public, private, secret fp 4 icp fp
5 miguel  abreu  gallery  fp 6 fp canada  ii 7 fp public school for architecture brussels 8 fp the ends of the library
9 fp arts  for  living 10 fp nada (new art dealers alliance)

1 – hidden approach through the trees. (image credit: bertrand cavalier)


oct 27, 2022, common room curates the exhibition disquietude. architecture and energy in portugal, included in the lisbon architecture trienniale, at the galerias municipais in lisbon, nov 17, 2022–mar 26, 2023.

jan 24, 2020, common room with confusion  of  tongues and dennis pohl receive subsidies for the project moving membranes.

nov 18, 2019, common room discusses orientation  without  direction at note, lisbon, nov 22, 2019.

dec 11, 2018, common room and tobi maier are artists-in-residence at carraig-na-gcat the josef  and  anni  albers  foundation’s residence program in west cork, ireland. dec 14–dec 19, 2018.

jun 12, 2018, common room writes about ‘transparent and opaque’ in public,  private,  secret:  on  photography  and  the  configuration  of  self, edited by charlotte cotton.

may 31, 2018, common room embraces the contingencies of what a client wants in a-r-p-a  journal  >  issue  05,  conflicts  of  interest.

may 20, 2018, common room elaborates on the  ring at m hka.

apr 6, 2018, common room writes some poetry for avery  shorts.

oct 14, 2017, common room is short-listed for the pilot-project studenten  maken stad.

oct 12, 2017, ruimte designed and co-curated by common room opens at timelab. oct 19–oct 31, 2017.

sep 22, 2017, communist  guide  to  new  york  city is reprinted and available again through ram  publications  +  distribution.

sep 9, 2017,  common room designs archive and bookshop for the common  library at the 2017  seoul  biennale  of  architecture  and  urbanism.

jun 2, 2017, common room ponders over orientation  without  direction at 019  –  museum  of  moving  practice. jun 6, 2017.

oct 16, 2016, common room takes part in the debate architecture  and  infrastructure, part 1 of spatial  series. oct 18, 2016.

apr 20, 2016, common room talks about the problem of collaboration as part of what’s  the  matter  with  cooperation at kunstencentrum  buda. apr 29, 2016.



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