common books is a collaborative editorial project involving architects, artists, curators, writers and other cultural producers who share an interest in thinking critically about the built environment. founded in 2008, common books functions as an independent publishing platform that engages a range of scales in production and dissemination, and elaborates on the notion of a provisional architectural practice.

the public school for architecture brussels, october 2015, brussels
arts for living, march 2013, new york
communist guide to new york city, november 2008, new york
common circular 5 – new city reader politics section, december 2010, new york
common circular 4 – public school for architecture new york fall 2009, february 2010, new york
common circular 3 – lower manhattan cultural council lentspace late edition, november 2009, new york
common circular 2 – common room presents dexter sinister presents common room, june 2009, new york
common circular 1 – new practices new york | 2008, september 2008, new york